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Freycinet Challenge
Australian Multi-sport Championship
5-6 October 2024
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Freycinet Lodge Challenge

Freycinet Challenge 2024

Australian Multi-sport Championship

The Freycinet Challenge is a multi-sport race on the stunning Freycinet Peninsula at Coles Bay, which is on the East Coast of Tasmania. If you’re a paddler, a road cyclist, a trail runner or a mountain biker, this is a challenge that will push your limits in one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

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The Course: 1-day or 2-day

The Freycinet Challenge is divided into 8 separate stages, with 4 stages running on each day - focussing on a particular discipline, either Trail Running, Sea Kayaking, Mountain Biking or a Road Bike Time Trial. You can take on the Challenge as part of a team or as a solo competitor, with options to take part in the epic 2-day Challenge or the shorter 1-day Challenge. Or, you can create your own challenge.

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Solo Competition

Taking on the Freycinet Challenge as a solo athlete is the penultimate competition and is the race that will earn you the biggest rewards. The solo competitors will need to complete all the stages individually on each day to win the race.

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Teams Competition

You can take on the Freycinet Challenge as part of a 2 person team or a 4 person team, with your team members taking on their preferred disciplines (running, paddling or cycling) and only taking 1 or 2 stages of the race each day.

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Create Your Own Challenge 

If taking on the Freycinet Challenge as a solo competitor or as part of a team is not your thing, you can compete in the stages of your choice - building your own multi-sport race and creating a challenge just for you.

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Categories For Everyone

You will be competing in your age category, with separate categories for men, women, boys and girls. The teams competition has categories for all male, all female or a mix of male and female participants.

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Whether you're doing this to win, taking on a personal challenge, or doing it for the adventure, the sense of achievement you'll have when you finish will be exhilarating. Set a goal now and take on the Challenge at one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

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