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Freycinet Challenge at Coles Bay in Tasmania

The Freycinet Challenge Course

8 gruelling stages to push your limits

The Freycinet Challenge is divided into 8 separate stages, with 4 stages running on each day. Each stage focusses on a particular discipline, either Trail Running, Sea Kayaking, Mountain Biking or a Road Bike Time Trial.

You can take on the Challenge as part of a team or as a solo competitor, with options to take part in the full 2-day competition, or the 1-day competition. There are four stages on each day of the Challenge.

Day 1: Saturday 5 October 2024

All the 2-day competitors start on the first day at stage 1.

Day 2: Sunday 6 October 2024

All the 1-day competitors start from stage 5 on the second day, joining the participants that have already completed stages 1-4.

Maps are available for each stage and they can be found by clicking on the links above.

You will be competing in your age category, with separate categories for male and female competitors. The teams competition has categories for all male, all female or a mix of male and female participants.

Learn more about the categories

When competing in a team, you can choose if you have 2, 3 or 4 people and you choose who completes which stages. There are separate categories for 2 person teams and 4 person teams. If you have a 3 person team, you will compete in the 4 person team category.

Learn more about teams

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