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Mountain Bike

There are two different courses for the Mountain Bike stages of the Freycinet Challenge in 2022, which take you into the Coles Bay Conservation Area and the Freycinet National Park.

The courses follow a combination of sealed roads, fire trails and 4WD tracks that lead you to some beautiful and remote locations. There are some challenging climbing sections on the courses, but you are rewarded with some epic downhill action where you can get some serious speed. There are plenty of jumps too, if you want to get some air time! The trails could be wet, so you should expect it to be muddy in some places.

As with all the other stages, you are responsible for your own wellbeing when racing. Carrying your own hydration and nutrition is highly recommended.

Mountain Bike: Day 1 (new course)

Stage: 4
Distance: 18.1 kilometres
Elevation Gain: 503 metres
Terrain: Sealed roads, fire trails, rough 4WD tracks, stream crossings

This is a brand new course for the first Mountain Bike stage of the Freycinet Challenge in 2022.

After departing the Village Green, you ride out to the Coles Bay Road and turn right - heading along the sealed road towards the Wine Glass Bay carpark. Once you've gone past the National Park Visitor Centre, ride onto the new bike path and follow it until you get to the Cape Tourville Road. From here you turn left and follow the sealed road towards Cape Tourville. You'll be climbing for 4.5 kilometres from this point and there is a 400 metre section which has an average gradient of 19 percent, so get your legs ready! Before you reach Cape Tourville, you'll be turning left onto the 4WD track that leads you to Bluestone Bay. This track is like a rollercoaster and you can get some serious speed, as you make your way down to the waters edge. After climbing out of Bluestone Bay, this is where the fun begins, as it's all downhill from here baby! You'll be descending on a disused 4WD track for about 4.3 kilometres, which has heaps of places to do some jumps as you speed along the trail back to the Village Green.

There will be race officials positioned along the route to help keep you on track and they'll be there for assistance, should it be required. 

IMPORTANT: The sealed road sections are NOT closed to other traffic, so normal road rules do apply - both for yourself and other vehicles.

This course is subject to change as the Parks & Wildlife Service is yet to issue permits. 

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Mountain Bike: Day 2

Stage: 7
Distance: 21.76 kilometres
Elevation Gain: 524 metres
Terrain: Fire trails, rough 4WD tracks, stream crossings

Starting at the Village Green, you'll head out on the Telstra Track in a northerly direction. When they intersect South Friendly Beaches 4WD Road you'll turn right and follow the 4WD track in an easterly direction, which eventually leads you in a northerly direction again. Follow the trail until you reach the turning point at the southern end of Friendly's Beach. You will then retrace your route, taking a slight detour that takes you around the Telstra Tower Hill before heading back to the Village Green.

There will be race officials positioned along the route to help keep you on track and they'll be there for assistance, should it be required.

Riders will need to keep left at all times to avoid on-coming cyclists.

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