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Freycinet Challenge Road Bike Time Trial
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Freycinet Lodge Challenge

Road Cycling

The road cycling stages of the Freycinet Challenge are an individual time trial, so you are racing against the clock! The course takes you out on the main Coles Bay road, which has a well sealed surface. You will encounter stretches of flat road, rolling hills and long sweeping corners. The course is sheltered by thick trees in some sections, but there are also some sections that cross open and exposed grass lands, so it can get windy in places.

You will be on the course with other competitors, but as this is a time trial, drafting is NOT permitted. A regular Road Bike or a Time Trail Bike can be used for these stages of the race.

As with all the other stages, you are responsible for your own wellbeing when racing. Carrying your own hydration and nutrition is highly recommended.

Road Bike: Days 1 & 2

Stages: 3 & 6
Distance: 40 kilometres
Elevation Gain: 212 metres
Terrain: Sealed Road, Rolling Hills, Flat Road
Equipment: Road bike or time trial bike

Note: This course might be changing in 2024, which is subject to approval from the Parks & Wildlife Service and the Department of State Growth. Watch this space!

Starting at the Village Green, the course takes you out onto the main Coles Bay road where you'll be travelling northwards to a turning point which is 20 kilometres away. Then you'll retrace your route, back to the Village Green. The road is NOT closed to other traffic, so normal road rules do apply - both for yourself and other vehicles. There will be race officials at the turning point who will be stopping traffic while you go around the turning point.

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