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Freycinet Challenge
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Freycinet Lodge Challenge

Teams Competition

Race with your friends and family

You can take on the Freycinet Challenge as part of a team, with your team members taking on their preferred disciplines (running, paddling or cycling) - completing just 1 or 2 stages of the race each day. 

Team categories

When competing as a team, there are separate racing categories for 2 person teams and 4 person teams.

You will be competing in your age category and the teams competition has categories for all male, all female or a mix of male and female participants. All team members must meet the age criteria to be eligible for the team's category.

Learn more about categories

Mixed team eligibility

To be eligible for a place (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in a mixed category, the team must have an equal number of males and females and each gender must complete an equal number of stages. If placings aren’t your thing, then you can configure your mixed team as you choose.

Shorter courses for Juniors

We've introduced Junior categories with shorter courses to inspire more younger athletes to participate in the team competition.

Learn more about the Juniors category

Can we have a 3 person team?

Yes. If your team only has 3 members, you can compete in the 4 person team category. Your 3 person team will need to complete all the stages on the day(s) of competition, so one person from your team will need to complete 2 stages.

Joining a team

The teams that will be competing this year are listed on this website and you can see the teams that have vacancies. If you already know your team, you can add your team or join a team after you have entered online.

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