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Freycinet Challenge
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Freycinet Lodge Challenge

Create Your Own Challenge

Build a multi-sport race just for you

If taking on the Freycinet Challenge as a solo competitor or as part of a team is not your thing, you can compete in the stages of your choice - building your own multi-sport race and creating a challenge just for you. Basically, you can enter whatever you like!

You'll be racing against the clock with every athlete on the course, including those in the full-day races. Who will be the fastest male and female on each stage? Com' on... show us what you've got!

Race Categories

You'll be competing in the Single Stage Race categories, which are the fastest female and the fastest male on every stage of the Challenge. Stages 1-8 will be timed separately and all athletes in every race will be taking part. 

There aren't any age categories in the Single Stage Races. These are fun and free-for-all competitions to see who is the fastest athlete on each course!

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Who is this for?

Creating your own challange makes it very flexible for athletes who are not able to compete in the full-day races. Perhaps taking on the full solo competition is a bit too much for you. Or, perhaps you don't have enough like-minded mates for a team. Or, perhaps bringing your gear to the event is a logistical nightmare. This option makes it easier to do whatever suits your situation.

How does it work?

You'll be out on the course at the same time as the athletes who are in the solo or team races. The only difference is that you start the stages you've entered at predetermined times, as directed by race officials. 

If you enter consecutive stages (e.g. stages 2-3-4), you keep going from one stage to the next - using the transition zone to eat, hydrate, change gear and rest (if you need it) before heading out on your next stage. 

If you enter stages that are separate (e.g. stages 1 & 4), take a break in the transition zone and get ready for race officials to set you off at the predetermined time of your next stage.

You'll be wearing a chip, so the timing system will start recording when you cross the start line of each stage. The timer stops when you cross the finish line of each stage. Your time will be recorded for each stage and ranked against every other athlete.

Build your own or race in team?

If you're considering doing just one or two stages, we do recommend taking on the Challenge as part of a team. Even though you'll have other athletes around you when racing on your own, there's nothing quite like team spirt to help you push your limits. There might be a team looking for an athlete just like you right now! Or, you could create your own team and we'll help you fill it.

See all the teams 

However, if you've got what it takes to race on your own, here's your chance to build your own  multi-sport race and take on a challenge just for you.

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