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Freycinet Challenge at Coles Bay in Tasmania

Race Categories

Something for everyone

The Freycinet Challenge has many different competition categories. Our aim is to accommodate athletes with varying skills and abilities. Whether you're a serious pro, a weekend warrior, or just in it for the fun, there's a race category just for you.

You will be assigned to a category based on your age, so you'll be racing against athletes just like you. All you need to do is decide if you want to do the 1-day race or the 2-day race and then decide if you want to race solo, or race in a team.

Solo Categories

Open Female (18-39 years)
Open Male (18-39 years)

Veteran Female (40-54 years)
Veteran Male (40-54 years)

Masters Female (55+ years)
Masters Male (55+ years)

The solo competitors racing in the 2-day event will also be competing in the following top-level categories. The winners will become the "Australian Multi-sport Champion" for this year.

Fastest Female (18+ years)
Fastest Male (18+ years)

2 Person Team Categories

2 Person Open Female (18-39 years)
2 Person Open Male (18-39 years)
2 Person Open Mixed (18-39 years)

2 Person Veterans Female (40+ years)
2 Person Veterans Male (40+ years)
2 Person Veterans Mixed (40+ years)

4 Person Team Categories

4 Person Juniors Female (14-17 years)
4 Person Juniors Male (14-17 years)
4 Person Juniors Mixed (14-17 years)

4 Person Open Female (18-39 years)
4 Person Open Male (18-39 years)
4 Person Open Mixed (18-39 years)

4 Person Veterans Female (40+ years)
4 Person Veterans Male (40+ years)
4 Person Veterans Mixed (40+ years)

The age classification for teams is based on the average age of all team members.

Stage Winner Categories

There is also a category for the fastest time in each stage of the Challenge. 

Stage 1: Fastest Trail Run
Stage 2: Fastest Sea Kayak
Stage 3: Fastest Road Bike
Stage 4: Fastest Mountain Bike

Stage 5: Fastest Sea Kayak
Stage 6: Fastest Road Bike
Stage 7: Fastest Mountain Bike
Stage 8: Fastest Trail Run

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