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Freycinet Challenge at Coles Bay in Tasmania

Post-event Survey

Share your feedback

We're committed to improving and creating an event that you love, so please take a moment to share your feedback.

There's just 10 quick answers to do for the following statements.

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Entering the Freycinet Challenge on this website was simple.

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There was enough information provided about the event prior to race day (e.g. safety information, course routes, start and finish times etc).

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The organisers responded promptly to queries.

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The registration process at the event was quick and easy.

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The race briefing was informative.

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The race officials and volunteers were helpful.

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The electronic timing system worked well and was effective.

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The course routes were interesting and challenging.

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The awards ceremony appropriately acknowledged the athletes.

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I knew who the sponsors were for the event.

If you would like to give us some other feeback, please complete the following questions (they are optional).

What would you like to see continue next year? (What do you already love about what we do?)
What would make the Freycinet Challenge better? (e.g. What’s not working or how can we make it better?)
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