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Fitstop Will Be Hard To Beat

Gold Sponsor

The moment we announced the Freycinet Challenge was on for 2022, Emily Jackson, who is the owner of Fitstop in North Hobart, immediately offered support for the event. We are honoured and thankful to have them onboard as one of our major sponsors for this year.

Fitstop is a gym that’s all about athlete inspired training, using a fusion of strength, metabolic conditioning and endurance, designed to progress the performance of their members, who are affectionately known as Fitstoppers.

Fitstoppers are everyday athletes who are part of the Fitstop family. “We’re not about looking a certain way, which is why we never post before and afters photos. We’re about being stronger, happier and healthier”, Emily Jackson said.

The Fitstop formula helps athletes track their progress and performance continuously throughout the year, which helps to avoid plateaus in training.

“Our training is team based and target focussed because working for a team gets people to reach their full potential in training. Our members have a goal-focussed mindset because we track progress, so they are always striving to beat their time or PB. We encourage a well rounded approach to health and we love seeing our members out and about doing things like running, swimming, cycling, yoga, pilates and walking”, Emily said.

“We’re supporting the Freycinet Challenge because it embodies many similarities to Fitstop - a friendly community environment where people can challenge themselves and be competitive. Plus, entering the event sets people a target to work towards in their training and helps to keep up the motivation”, Emily said.

Fitstop have gone all out this year and they’ve got four teams competing in the Freycinet Challenge 2022. With the Fitstop formula behind them, we think they’re going to be a force that will be hard to beat. They certainly won't be stopped!

See the Fitstop teams

Fitstop North Hobart & The Herd
4 Person Open Mixed Team, 2-day Race

Fitstop North Hobart 1
4 Person Open Female Team, 2-day Race

Fitstop North Hobart 2
2 Person Open Male Team, 2-day Race

Fitstop North Hobart 3
4 Person Open Male Team, 2-day Race

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