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Freycinet Challenge

Improved Timing Accuracy and Race Results

Electronic Timing System

We love that everyone comes into the Freycinet Challenge with different goals. For some it's about the achievement of crossing the finish line, while for others it's about pushing themselves to the limit - racing against other competitors and the clock. For that reason, we are improving the way we time the athletes and provide race results.

In 2023, we are partnering with an experienced local group who have a track record of delivering high-quality electronic timing at other events in Tasmania, such as the Devonport Triathlon and Coles Bay Half.

A small chip will be embedded in the race bibs that are worn by the athletes. The chip will trigger sensors when the athletes cross a designated timing mat at the start/finish line. For our previous athletes that know the race transition area, there will some changes in where you start and finish each stage of the race. All the details about the new transition "rules" will be revealed at the race briefing.

The electronic timing system will give every athlete the confidence that timings are accurate and the final results will be available quickly. It will provide accurate leg times and race placings for every competitor and every team, while giving spectators informative statistics as the race unfolds. See you at the start line! 

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