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Freycinet Challenge

Fitstop Helping To Reduce Waste

Thinking about our impact on the environment

Part of what makes the Freycinet Challenge unique is that it takes competitors through the pristine landscape of the Freycinet peninsula. We recognise that running our event here is a privilege, and as such, we are committed to showcasing the beauty of this location, while also minimising our impact on the environment.

There will be approximately 1,000 people at the Freycinet Challenge. If we each had just two coffees per day and consumed 3 bottles of water, the event will pump out 4,000 coffee cups and 6,000 empty bottles (very conservative estimates), some of which might not make it back to recycling. We'd like to see everyone help to reduce this waste as much as possible.

With this in mind, Fitstop North Hobart, who are one of our major sponsors for 2022, have jumped on board and are giving every athlete a drink bottle, so they won’t need to buy bottled water. Instead, athletes can refill their drink bottle at the brand new water station near the Event Hub. The Fitstop water bottles are a slimline design and they’ll be included in the entry pack given to each athlete this year.

Another thing everyone can do is to bring their own refillable coffee cup to the event. Our friends at Granite Bakery, who are on-site at the Event Hub, do a good brew and they'll give you extra smiles when you thrust a refillable cup towards them.

One key goal of the Freycinet Challenge is to reduce the amount of waste the event creates by encouraging our competitors and spectators to think differently when it comes to drinks and food that comes in packaging. Wherever possible, we encourage everyone so use reusable cups and bottles, with the aim of reducing single-use plastics and avoiding the need to recycle waste. If we all do our part, we’ll make a big difference for the future by protecting the environment we enjoy so much.

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